What's up?

Some miscellaneous questions...

We operate both sites, but they are separate from each other.

Royalknives.co.uk is operated from within the UK (all orders ship from the UK) and sells products to the United Kingdom, United States, France and Spain. More countries will be added soon.

Royalcsgoknives.com is operated internationally and sells products we cannot ship to the UK and some other countries, such as butterfly knives. Orders on this store will be shipped from a different country than the UK.

Please note, we do not guarantee delivery to any country. Customs can take things spontaneously, when they may have allowed our products into your country a few weeks beforehand. 

If customs do take your order, or it is lost during transit, we will do our best to resolve it for you, by either offering a partial/full refund or resending it.

United KingdomAll countries except: Argentina,
Australia, Denmark, Sweden,
United Kingdom
United States 

We greatly appreciate your interest in us sponsoring you, but we cannot sponsor every person that comes up to us.

We don't sponsor many organisations/people/teams, but offer an affiliate program instead. You can apply for this on the royalknives.co.uk website and receive a coupon code for your fans to use. The affiliate program is only available on that website currently. This is an affiliation, not a sponsorship.